Cruise Planning Services

Some people find the cruise planning experience to be daunting and confusing, possibly leaving you feeling doubtful of your cruise selection choice. If that describes what you feel when you start to think about planning a cruise, we are your people.  

Our services are much like a wine tasting and pairing. After paying attention to everything you share with us, we carefully research and present you with the best options that blend personality and travel style for you to sample.

We introduce a selection of sailing itineraries and cabin accommodation options for you to sample. When you select the cruise option that embodies your mind and spirit, we move forward planning the details and get you confirmed.

Our services also encompass the opportunities to enhance your trip by designing pre- and post-cruise itineraries. We personally organize your flights and offer options, private transfers, accommodations, and private tours while in your destination. 

Delivering unbelievable experiences across the rivers, oceans and beyond.

The world is full of amazing, beautiful and wondrous delights and we work tirelessly to create a journey that is a true gift of your time. 

We help curious travelers have the cruise experience of their dreams and we do this by taking the workload off your shoulders. 

There are undoubtedly thousands of options for you to choose from when planning a much-needed overdue vacation. 

When you choose Fitzgerald Travel, you will feel like you have found a travel home.
What we want for you is best described by a quote from Maya Angelou ~

“People will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel.”

“The water takes you to places you never imagined in ways you never expected”

Get a taste of the places a cruise can take you.

Let’s be honest for a second, does any of this describe your current planning process?

In your highly coveted spare time, you Google “Cruise Vacation” and your return page swells with thousands of opportunities leaving you overwhelmed.

You know you want to take cruise, but to where? Our world is huge, and you just don’t know how to pick your destination.

River Cruise or Ocean Cruise? What is the big difference anyway? Pondering this question leaves you putting off planning because you just don’t know what to do or where to get the information you need.

Feeling nervous? You love cruising but are unsure of what to expect Post CoVid.

There are so many options, how do I know which cruise line is right for me?

Sound a little too familiar?

 It’s ok now, you found us!

Imagine for a moment packing for your river or ocean cruise experience completely relaxed and anticipating an effortless vacation that exceeds all your expectations.

When you work with us all the worry, stress and time of planning is completely off your shoulders and into the hands of a highly experienced and extremely knowledgeable travel advisor.

We utilize our deep professional relationships and cruise destination knowledge to ensure that your trip will be a truly memorable experience, rich with the details you imagined.  

The world is full of amazing, beautiful and wonderous delights and we work tirelessly for you to create a journey that will be a true gift of your time.

We love what we do!

Our work is filled with genuine enthusiasm and care. When you work with us, you will feel how we live and breath the joy of travel.


Why Work with a Cruise Travel Advisor

We wholeheartedly believe the best vacations begin at “Hello.” Our relationship with you is and will always be the cornerstone of our work. We are your personal advisors, available when you need us, always. 


We believe in honesty, integrity, and longevity. Our services are designed specifically around our core values of service and amenity. 

We take a limited number of clients to best serve you which gives us the opportunity to provide you with efficient, very individualized, and authentic service.

We are hyper focused in the rivers and oceans; we are experts in our field which is a huge benefit for you and your cruise experience.

We deliver unbelievable experiences across the rivers, oceans, and beyond.

We take care of all the details… and we mean everything.

We are a Virtuoso Agency, bringing you the best of the best in luxury cruising.

Our hard work and dedication leave you relaxed and confident in the outcome of your cruise vacation. When you return, you will return wanting more. 

Foundation & Trust


Destination Expertise

The Details

Exclusive Perks

Outcomes & Results



Added benefits of being a Virtuoso Agency:

Benefits vary by destination and properties, but complimentary extras at hotels and resorts tend to include:

Preferred rates
Room upgrade upon arrival
Virtuoso-only amenities
Daily breakfast for two
Early check-in 
Late check-out

If you’re considering a cruise vacation, complimentary extras tend to include:

Shipboard credits
Virtuoso-exclusive shore excursions
Welcome aboard receptions
Dedicated on-board hosts
Private car and driver
Specialty dining & prepaid gratuities

The Cruise Planning Process

Step 1

Let's Connect

Let’s start with scheduling a free consultation with the Lisas. How do you know which Lisa? Both of us are well versed and educated in all areas of travel, however, we each have our own area of expertise. 

Step 2

The Consultation

We love this part! We get to know you and you get to know us. We listen to your ideas, your interests, and cruise vacation goals. Think of this part as having coffee together or our first date to determine if we are a good match to work together. During this call, we review the Fitzgerald Travel Planning services and discuss the details of what is included in your professional planning services. Our planning service rates begin at $375 per couple and once received, we schedule you on our cruise planning calendar so we can get started. 

Step 3

Professional Design and Proposal

This is where we shine for you! Because we are so laser focused on the rivers and the ocean, our expertise in selecting the perfect product for you comes with years of education and personal experience with the all our preferred brands. We have the unique ability to cultivate your personality traits and travel style, then match them with the perfect cruise line that blends both those attributes together. We present you with options and keep going until we find the right itinerary that fills your heart and soul.

Step 4

The Details

This is where the fun and magic start to happen. The research and planning on your selected itinerary begin. Requests are being gathered, reservations and confirmations are happening, and we are fine tuning the all aspects and details of your journey.

Step 5

Enjoy Your Journey

Your journey is the gift of travel and it all begins the moment you start unwrapping your beautifully prepared documents. As you savor this moment you discover there is more. Your travel records loaded onto a hand-crafted custom-designed application for your perusal. Connected, always. You can rest assured that throughout your trip we are just a moment way. So, relax and enjoy your journey - you deserve it.  


Let’s Enjoy This Journey Together

Schedule your free consultation call so that together we can unlock your next cruise adventure.