The Rivers ~
Sailing Through the Countries 

So you’re dreaming of a romantic, relaxing, and rejuvenating river cruise … but which cruise line should you choose? Which ship? And—most importantly—which river (there are 5 to choose from in France alone!)? Here’s the river cruising secret: The “best” river cruise is the experience that’s best for you. That’s why I take a highly personalized approach to planning your vacation, matching you with the destination and cruise brand that aligns with your individual travel style.

Take advantage of my unparalleled knowledge and extensive personal river cruising experience (I’ve sailed down 15+ rivers at this point!) to enjoy a cruising journey that feels tailor-made for you.

Let’s Play Matchmaker

Embark on a River Cruise Vacation Filled With Moments of Travel Magic

Lisa Fitzgerald here, your expert river cruise planner! After designing travel professionally for more than 35 years, I can say without a doubt nothing beats a river cruise. Except—a river cruise planned by a pro!

Whether this is your first river cruise or your 10th (lucky you!), I’d love to help you set sail with total ease. Here’s what you can expect when we work together to design your custom river cruise journey:

Your Cruise Advocate
(with “Insider” Intel)

No surprises or bait-and-switches here. When you trust me with your river cruise vacation instead of booking directly with a cruise line, you can count on receiving transparent pricing info and an “unfiltered” opinion on your options.

I’ll lay it all out for you, guiding you on everything from how a certain cruise brand stacks up to its competitors to which side of the ship you should stay on to wake up to the best views. Plus, I’ve been to many of the major ports that the river cruises start and stop at myself—so I’ll give you my personal restaurant recommendations and can’t-miss sites too!

Stay a Little Longer—Dive a Lot Deeper

Think a river cruise is a “cookie cutter” kind of vacation? Think again. I go to bat for my clients to design a one-of-a-kind vacation from beginning to end. The best way to do that is with a custom-crafted pre- or post-stay experience. Extend your vacation before or after your cruise to explore your incredible destination in more depth, exactly how you want to.

Thanks to my insider connections to on-the-ground travel partners, I can pepper your pre- or post-stay itinerary with exclusive experiences that rise above the “standard” excursions on board. Go behind the scenes with a horse trainer in Vienna to meet the world-famous Lipizzaner stallions, test drive a Ferrari on a track in Bologna, or unlock the mysteries of the Great Pyramids with a historian-led private tour. Let the world’s greatest rivers sail you to surprising discoveries inspired by your passions—I’ll make it happen. 

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